12 Packing Tips For Remote Workers

Here are a few benefits of travelling light

  • no excess baggage fees
  • quicker to pack at home and at unpack at the destination
  • makes multi-destinations trips and stops less of a hassle
  • you can go extend your stays because the minimalist luggage allows you to be flexible
  • less time spent on checkin and explore your destination
  • less worries for items and danger of losing them
  • easier to carry your luggage in the airports, buses,etc

Rules For Travelling Light As A Remote Worker Or Digital Nomad

1. Pack only the necessary items, that’s it.

2. Pack about 1 week’s worth of clothing

3. Bring versatile gadgets instead of one time use items only

5. Keep a small part of your bag empty

6. Use a packing list (and respect it!)

7. Choose the right carry-on bag or backpack

8. Don’t pack shoes for every occasion — take a maximum of 2 pairs and one should be all purpose

9. Don’t pack thick and heavy clothes — opt for lightweight and technical winter clothing

10. Don’t pack bulky chargers and try to use convertors or universal chargers

11.Don’t pack full-size shampoo and conditioner

12. Don’t put your clothes in your suitcase — use compression packing cubes

Here is an example for clothing packing(for men):

  • 7 shirts or t-shirts, different colour palette
  • 7 pairs of underwear.
  • 3 pairs of pants/trousers; depending or where you go it should be all shorts or a combination
  • 5 pairs of socks (aim for the Merino Wool ones, top quality)
  • One sweater or hoodie
  • Swimming shorts
  • Quick drying towel from Merino Wool
  • Rain Jacket or Fleece Jacket
  • One pair of snickers

For electronics and gadgets, we advise you to throw in the bag:

  • A portable backup battery gives my phone and other electronics a bit of extra charge in a pinch. A cool bonus is that I can leave my phone to charge inside a hostel locker or hotel safe, instead of leaving it out in the open.
  • Light and powerful 13" Laptop
  • Universal Travel adapter for plugs
  • Portable laptop stand
  • External keyboard and mouse (as slim as possible)
  • Kindle — love books can’t take them with you? KIndle is a must have then.
  • Lightweight travel camera (check out Canon PowerShot G7X )
  • Go Pro Camera -
  • Small lantern or head torch
  • Small carabiner — useful in all kind of situations
  • Small microfiber antibacterial travel towel
  • Foldable waterproof dry bag — for the beach lover digital nomads!
  • Compact tripod for camera
  • Money belt — around the waist or neck pouch — protect yourself against pickpocketers
  • A retractable cable padlock — essential for locking your backpack to your bunk/luggage rack or for hostel stays
  • Flexible water bottles -
  • Foldable backpack — this will allow you to explore the city whilst leaving the main bag or backpack at home where you have your valuables.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • First aid kit — drugs, paid medicine, band-aids, tissues,etc



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